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Terms and conditions  




Booking fee is one set price and covers the cost of the trial. This cost is non-refundable. This does not include any other trials.  

Bookings fees are also non refundable in the acts of god i.e pandemic, illness or extreme weather unless Fallon hair and makeup cancels the booking due to the artist no longer being available. However, if in the case that the stylist cannot make the wedding we would move you to another stylist or find you another or equal talent.  




Cancellations within a certain time frame will incur costs. 

8 weeks prior to wedding cancellation will be 50% of the final fee 

6 weeks prior to the wedding cancellation will be 75% fee  

1 month prior to the wedding cancellations will be 100%  

If numbers are reduced less than a month full charge will be required as payments to stylists are set.




All pricing listed at are correct at the time of publication however, in case of human or computer error Fallon hair and makeup reserves the right to re-invoice for the correct price of the service. Pricing quoted will be valid for 30 days from the quotation date, unless indicated otherwise. All discounts and changes are at the discretion of Fallon hair and makeup. Pricing fees and quoted invoices may not include additional fees/ parking fees/ congestion charges. These will be charged separately. 


There is a minimum spend of THURSDAY-SUNDAY throughout April-October of bride +3 others.  


Travel costs differ per stylist and location. If the stylist must travel more than two hours accommodation would be required.  




For all bookings that require the artists/hairstylists to start between;  


●  5.30 AM - 6:00 AM will incur a 40.00 fee per artist hired.  

●  Before 5.30 AM will incur a £75.00 fee per artist hired.  


Extra charges will be occurred for bank holidays & dates between the 20th December & the 1st January


The booking start time will be based on the time required to complete all the services by the requested end time.




The bride’s trial will be paid when the booking fee is secured. All other trials done on the day will go directly to the stylist. Trials are not always possible if this is the case the booking fee will be deductible of the final balance. It is very unlikely for stylists to hold trials on weekends due to availability. These will fall on weekdays and make sure to plan accordingly. 

For trial cancellations less than 24 hours notice, the full amount will be charged and you will have to pay for a new trial date.




Fallon hair and makeup do not offer any full or partial refunds for any services, therefore if you are in any way dissatisfied with the service provided you must promptly notify any of the contracted Fallon hair and makeup artists when they are on location in order to provide a solution. If the bride does not raise a complaint during the appointment, the service will be deemed as complete, and all future claims dismissed.


The Stylists are not responsible if desired completion time is not met due to the client or bridal party members causing delays, such as late arrivals of clients/bridal party, coffee/food/smoking breaks, breastfeeding time allowances whilst a service is being performed. Extra time fees may be applicable. These will be charged at £25.00 per 15-minute increment over and above the stipulated finish time.  




It is very important that time management is taken seriously on the wedding morning to ensure the completion of the requested services at the correct time, therefore adherence to appointment times is crucial to ensure a smooth flowing morning. These times should be strictly adhered to, should unforeseen circumstances arise is it up to the MOH or BRIDE to notify the stylists. Fallon Hair and makeup is not held responsible if the finishing time is not met due to the bride, bridesmaids causing delays such as late arrivals, breaks etc.


Extra fees might be applicable if we go over finishing times.




Please ensure the stylist has ample space, table, chair and plug socket to hand.  

Please ensure there is a parking space  

Any equipment that gets taken out/removed from the stylists kit without permission will be invoiced for.  




i.e. Extra people wanting makeup and or hair styling services  


If any additional members are wanting either hair or makeup services this can be done if there is time and payment will be due that date directly to the stylist via bank transfer. The stylists cannot do the work without payment prior.  




We strongly suggest you take out wedding insurance for your wedding in the UK and abroad.  




Brides do not choose the time in which any of the stylists arrive. The stylists/admin will notify the bride of their arrival time 1-2 weeks leading up to the wedding dates. Every single person having a service will be given a time slot in which the service will be undergone.




Should the bridal party member not have hair dry enough for a dry hairstyle to be done e.g. client has wet/very damp hair (does not apply to a prior booked blow-dry & style) and therefore Fallon hair and make up is required to blow dry the hair to a suitable dryness prior to starting the desired dry hairstyle such as waves/Curls or full upstyle an additional amount  of £25.00 per person will be added to the booking if this is the case on the day of the booking.  




An additional charge of £15.00 per person will be required for the application of any hair extensions (if provided by client) per bridesmaid .  


Children are to be supervised at all times due to the hot tools and sharp objects around.  


For unforeseeable circumstances (out of artists control such as illness or injury) the original booked artist(s) may differ from who is assigned initially to the booking. Every attempt will be made by Fallon Hair and makeup to provide trusted and experienced artists to complete your booking.  


Damages or theft by Fallon Hair and makeup teams property caused by any person, (including children ) require on the spot compensation of equipment. This applies to damaged or stolen items. As children cannot compensate, their responsible adult, (or The Client), will be held responsible for on-the-spot compensation.  


The client understands that once they pay the booking fee, they are legally bound by this document.

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